Mainline Pipeline Contractor
since 1961

Jomax Construction Company, Inc. is a family-founded mainline pipeline contractor for the oil and gas industry. We are headquartered in Great Bend, Kansas with operating facilities also in North Dakota, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Since 1961, we have continued building and expanding our business to cover one-third of the United States. Jomax has 5 mainline spreads of crew and equipment for cross-country pipeline installation and has grown to be one of the top oil and gas pipeline construction companies in the United States. Learn more about our experience in the field: pipeline construction, integrity and maintenance and facility construction.

Quality, Safety, And Integrity

Our team is committed to providing your company with the utmost in quality, safety, and integrity during all phases of the construction process. Our work performance and customer service are what set us apart from our competition. From maintaining superior levels in safety and quality to one-on-one interaction and 24/7 availability, we are committed to your company's success. Our loyal clients continue to choose our company because we do everything we can to make sure they are satisfied 100%.

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